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-   More latch choices for the gates.


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The Rope Pull Latch allows gates to be opened with ease.  It can accommodate any architectural style.  Create a traditional look or a contemporary one.  The style can be easily changed by using a different rope pull and handles, and with different rope colors.  The color of the latch mechanism can also be changed.  Stock color choices for the mechanism are black and satin nickel.  Developed by sweetgates.com:

    -  Complete Latch:  Includes Handles and Matching Redwood Rope Pull - $100
    -  Latch System Only - $75.  You design it by adding the handles and rope pull of your choice.

The choices for handles and rope pulls are nearly endless.  Only imagination can reveal the most interesting ones.  Any ideas?  If you do, I am looking forward to hearing about them.




    Rope Pull Choices:


    Handle Choices:



The Reach-Through Latch features a simple unique design.  Handles are optional.  The reach-through works as a built-in handle allowing you to open and close the gate from either side.  An optional LED light can be recessed into the top of the reach-through.  It makes the latch visible at night from both sides of the gate.  Developed by sweetgates.com.

    -  Reach-Through Latch - $65.

    -  Reach-Over Latch - $35 (for short gates).

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