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Jamb installation Instructions:

-  You can true-up an out of plumb opening by carefully fitting the jambs.  The extra time will be worth it because gate installation will be much easier.

-  The gate will sit better in the opening and operate better too.





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What you will need for attaching 2 x 4 jambs with 3/8" drop-in anchors:

    - pair of 2 x 4 Redwood jambs
    - level
    - 3/8" drill bit
    - 7/16" drill bit
    - 1" spade bit
    - 3/8" carbide drill bit
    - 1/2" carbide drill bit
    - hammer
    - drop-in anchor kit (drop-in anchors, bolts, and washers for SOLID or filled masonry wall)
    - drop-in anchor insertion tool or equiv.
    - tape measure
    - square
    - pencil
    - 9/16" socket and ratchet
    - 2 x 4 blocks or board that rests and is leveled under where gate will be in the rough opening.
    - electric grinder or chisel may be needed to remove high spots in the masonry surface where the jambs will be mounted

These additional tools may come in handy when installing jambs:

    - chisel
    - router
    - shims
    - planer

(Note: Jamb installation can be difficult.  You will need all the right tools and hardware.)

1)    Place 2 x 4 blocks down on the walkway, in the opening.  Level 2 x 4 across opening.

2)    Place jamb on one side of opening, on top of 2 x 4 blocks.

3)    Determine the best locations for the anchors and mark those locations on the jamb.  Avoid intersecting anchor bolts with gate hinge bolts by measuring the hinge locations.

4)    Prepare jamb by drilling 1" holes with spade bit ONLY 3/8" deep at each anchor location.  Then drill 3/8" holes all the way through the jamb.

5)    Place 2" bolts with washers into holes and check to be sure each one sticks-out the back about 1/4".  This is needed for the threads to get a bite in the drop-in anchor.  Make the 1" holes deeper if required until 1/4" of the bolt sticks out.  Too much and the bolts will bottom out in the anchor and the jamb won't be tight.  Add washers or shorten bolts if this happens.

6)    Place jamb back in opening on top of 2 x 4 blocks.

7)    Plumb jamb and drill through the top hole of the jamb into masonry with 3/8" carbide bit.  About 1/2" - 3/4" deep.

8)    Remove jamb and finish drilling top hole in masonry with 1/2" carbide bit.  Drill hole exactly the depth required for the drop-in anchor (1 9/16").

9)    Install drop-in anchor and temporarily install jamb with one 3/8" x 2" bolt and washer.

10)    Re-plumb the jamb and drill through the bottom and center holes into the masonry with 3/8" carbide bit.

11)    Remove jamb and finish drilling holes in masonry with 1/2" carbide bit.

12)    Install remaining drop-in anchors.

13)    Re-drill the bottom and center holes in the wood jamb to 7/16", then install with 3/8" x 2" bolts and washers.  Repeat steps 2 - 12 for the other jamb.


What you will need for attaching 2 x 4 jambs with 1/4" toggle bolts into HOLLOW wall: (changes to the steps above, which are for drop-in anchors into solid or filled wall)

    - Replace the drop-in anchor kit with 1/4" toggle bolt kit.
    - Drill 1/4" holes in jamb (not 3/8").
    - Re-drill 1/4" mid and lower holes in jamb with 5/16" bit (not 7/16")
    - Instructions for installing the 1/4" toggle bolts into the hollow wall:
        a) drill 1/2" hole in hollow wall
        b) slide in snap toggle and position so it's flat against the surface inside the wall
        c) zip cap until it's tight against surface on outside of wall
        d) snap off extension straps

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