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Gate Installation Instructions:

    -  Measure the opening to be sure it's the right size:
        * wood openings should be about 1/2" wider than the gate
        * masonry openings should be about 1/2" more than the gate and wood jambs combined, or roughly 4" wider than the gate

    -  Check plumb on both sides of the opening.



What you will need:

    - 11/64 drill bit
    - 1/2" socket and ratchet
    - Three 1 5/8" long wood screws, longer is OK

1)    Place Gate in opening on top of 2 x 4 blocks.  Slide gate against the hinge jamb leaving MOST OF THE GAP on the latch side.  Only 1/16" gap on the hinge side

2)    Press hinges flat against jamb.  Position gate in fully closed position so it is flush with latch jamb.  Then close gate 1/4" more.

3)     Check the gap between the latch jamb and the gate.  THERE SHOULD BE APPROX. 3/8" BETWEEN GATE AND JAMB ON LATCH SIDE.  The gap is required for proper operation of the latch.  Adjust gate in opening by placing shims high or low, on the left or right, as required until the gate is balanced in the opening.

4)    Temporarily fasten hinges to jamb using one 1 5/8" long wood screw per hinge.
5)    Now drill 11/64" pilot holes into jamb 1 1/2" deep for hinge bolts.  (11/64" bit is one size smaller than 3/16" on typical drill set)  If the Redwood is especially hard, use a 3/16" bit, use an even larger if the bolt happens to hit a knot or is hard to tighten into the wood.

6)    Securely fasten hinges with the included 5/16" x 2" lag bolts.

7)    Remove the 1 5/8" wood screw from each hinge.

8)    Repeat the pilot drilling (step #5) then install the remaining  5/16" x 2" lag bolts.  Congratulations, the gate is now mounted in the opening!

9)    Open gate completely and determine where it contacts it's stop point.  If contact can be damaging to the gate, a bumper or pad should be installed.

10)    Install Strike Catch for latch on jamb. (black metal item with 2 screws)

11)    Install Gate Stop with included screws. NOTE: You will need a Torx T10 bit.  (see instructions below)


Latch Installation:

-  Depends on the type of latch.  See specific instructions for your style latch.  In a typical case the latch is already installed on the gate.  Final latch installation is only required for the strike catch, which is quickly installed with two small screws.


Gate Stop Installation Instructions:

1)    Close gate.

2)    Have a helper on the hinge side of the gate lightly pressing on the gate.  Position the gate stop against the gate and fasten it into the jamb with the included Torx screws.

3)    Check gate operation.  If it's good you are FINISHED.  Well Done!


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